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"Redirected, Not Rejected," a Talking Dog alumni panel

By Chas Monroe | Oct. 24, 2019 |

There's something really comforting about welcoming old friends and family back home. It's almost as if they never left; except that they have, and they've come back stronger and wiser with copywriting, media buying and strategy stories to tell. We invited Hannah Cromey, Matt MesaKinsey White, Julia Kien and Jake MacCraken to return to the Talking Doghouse to share their post-grad wisdom. They certainly came home with a whole lot of advice to give!


Here's a look into some of the best questions asked during the panel:


1. “What should you look for in a company/agency?”


Kinsey: "Small is very helpful."


Hannah: "Working for bigger companies has more red tape. If you want more chances to grow, a smaller company will be better. Especially if you don't know what you want to do!"


Matt: "Whatever experience you get; make it a good experience."


Key Takeaway: While bigger companies are flashier and offer more curated positions and detailed information, a smaller company can provide you will a more hands-on and multitasking experience. Neither is necessarily better than the other; it depends entirely on what you want from it! Ultimately, it is up to you to get in what you put it.


2.“What are the differences between agency and client-side?”


Kinsey: "I loved agency. The difference, though,  is that with client side you become more passionate about your brand. You absolutely live and breathe that brand. Agency also allows for more room to grow because someone is willing to teach you."

Julia: "I like being part of a brand that everyone likes. We are all working on the bottom line which I really like."


Hannah: "I get the best of both. Sometimes I get pulled in for client work, but I get the fun of agency."


Key Takeaway: Agencies have a reputation for being a relaxed, creative space; and that's for good reason. Client-side is a more intimate dance between you and one brand, who you will learn the absolute ins and outs of until they get stuck in your head like a top 100 billboard song. With agencies, you may be able to dabble in different brands and different accounts.


3. “How do you keep up the motivation to apply to jobs? Should you apply to more than one position?”


Matt: "Keep an open mind, but also apply to things you're better in. There isn’t a secret to staying motivated, just stay positive and know it’s gonna go your way eventually."


Jake: "Stay broad unless you know what you want to do. At the end of the day, it’s gonna come your way."


Hannah: "You guys have to remember; there’s 1000 no’s behind every yes."


Key Takeaway: Sometimes, we all suffer from low morale or motivation. Getting rejected constantly from one company to the other can be demoralizing and discouraging. We get it, absolutely everyone has been there! It's important to know that every time you get told no, it isn't personal. What is for you will never be denied or taken from you. Keep applying! Diversify your applications! Keep improving your skills! Spruce up that website! And trust in your capabilities because you are talented and deserve great things that will 100% come to you.


4. “How do you balance the demand of work culture and taking care of yourself?”


Julia: "Workplace culture for me is the most important thing because I need work-life balance. In agencies things happen so fast, it can be hard to find one, but it's really important that you do. Also, just so you know? If the people interviewing you seem miserable? It's because they are."


Kinsey: "Work-life balance is so important. Something to consider when applying is the culture and the location. Your life is more important than your job. Fitting in socializing, diet, and exercise can be so hard! You have to prioritize that. If you aren’t gonna vibe with the people at work, then don’t take the job."


Jake: "I personally do not work after 8 pm or before 9:30 am. Set boundaries."


Hannah: "Well, social never sleeps. My company set up an "on-call" system from 6-10 pm once a week. They make sure to set boundaries, though. That's why I like Moxie. They make sure our culture didn't include working us to death."


Matt: "Drink a water! Do a sleep! Practice taking care of yourself now!"


Key Takeaway: We all know that working, for many of us, will become the central hub of our lives. No one is ignoring the legitimacy of this, but we are a new generation that isn't afraid to ask for what we want or need. We are not our parents; sacrificing our health for companies that we know can and will easily replace us is not something that we will stand for. It is important to be a good employee so that you can be an asset to the company; this is true. But you can not be an asset to anyone if you do not take time to take care of you. Make sure you schedule out time during your week to prioritize number one: you!


The grind truly never stops, but that just means you're walking on the right path. The job hunt can be tiring and frustrating, but you have to keep at it. Culture is the lifeblood that keeps a company pumping, but it can be poison if it isn't the right fit or if you aren't taking care of yourself. You can not prioritize your work if you do not prioritize you! A special thanks to our Talking Dog Alumni for taking the time out of their busy, fabulous lives, we would be lost without your honesty and guidance!


If you want to connect with these wise dawgs, be sure to add them on Linkedin! 




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